Liebherr SBSbs 7353 Premium freestanding side by side

3 doors, A++, IceMaker, 121 cm width
Liebher SBSbs 7353-21 side by sideLiebher SBSbs 7353-21

Suggested Reseller Retail Price£3,259.00
Liebher SBSbs 7353-21 side by side
Liebher SBSbs 7353-21 side by side
Liebher SBSbs 7353-21 side by side
Liebher SBSbs 7353-21 side by side
Liebher SBSbs 7353-21 side by side

The Liebherr SBSbs 7353 Premium supplied at the lowest price in the UK from Fridgepromotor. The SBSbs 7353 is comprised of 2 fully clad Blacksteel cabinets featuring a built in Icemaker and a BioFresh section. With an A++ Energy class for both models this really is the complete storage centre.

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Product information

Product information


  • Energy efficiency class: A++ / A++
  • Energy consumption: 383 kWh/a
  • Total net capacity of whole refrigerator compartment: 539 l
    of which chill compartment 155 l
    of which fresh food storage compartment 384 l
  • Total net capacity of freezer compartment 115 l
  • Freezing capacity: 16 kg
  • Storage time during malfunctions: 19 hours
  • BioFresh
  • Airborne noise emitted: 40 dB(A) re 1 pW
  • Frost-free
  • Icemaker: Yes
  • Climate rating: SN-T
  • External: Blacksteel door and sides
  • Type of appliance upricht

Low price guaranteed

How at Fridgepromotor are we able to offer the lowest price in the UK?

A number of reasons on why we can offer this is are as follows.

  • We only sell and specialise in Liebherr wine fridges and side by side cabinets.
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Water connection point

Water connection

Please note that that the water connection point is a maximum of 1.39 metres from the left side or 0,39 metre from the right hand side of the Liebherr SBSbs 7353 Premium.
Water connection point Liebherr SBSbs 7353

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